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Just put in an talk proposal about Aphantasia, because (a) submission were still open, (b) having to write one talk is apparently not enough, and (c) I'm an idiot.


With crypto crashing, hopefully to zero, we have a potential ~0.1 Gt-CO2 per year savings in greenhouse gas emissions on the table.

Cool. That’s 10,000x larger than all the world’s carbon capture technologies to date. And it could happen immediately.


Who out there in the :fediverse: would be interested in a federated 3d model hosting service, like a decentralised Thingiverse?

I'm building as a personal self-hosted app to manage local files, but with I think a few changes it could also be a federated hosting tool, and my brain keeps thinking about having a go at making it speak .

Thoughts, anyone? Worth a go?

...and thanks to @JMMaok, we now have a thank-you image here. :blob_thanks:

If you know of alternatives, or other emoji we should have, shout!

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:awesome: I love that mastodon :mastodon: lets instances add their own custom emoji; like this one for the fediverse... :fediverse:

(if anyone here wants any added, just let me know!)

Solidarity to all civil servants on the latest round of electioneering announcements 🙄

Ruby job alert 

Ruby devs! Check out this job with Energy Sparks, a lovely organisation that helps schools save energy, carbon, and money!

#OtD 9 May 2012 Vidal Sassoon, "anti-fascist warrior hairdresser" died aged 84. As a teenager in London he fought Oswald Mosley's fascists in the streets with his hairdressing scissors, as part of the militant 43 Group. Learn about the group in our pod:

Happy Europe Day!

I was born a member of Europe, and in my soul continue to be so 🇪🇺

Happy #OpenSourceFriday!

I have a request for all y'all #OpenSource folks: what are some pivotal moments in open source history? Try to think beyond the usual suspects (licenses, operating systems, etc...).

(Cross-posted from, but not linked to, Twitter.)

UK local elections 

And even if your local Tory councillor is “alright really”, they’re still propping up and covering for this mendacious failure of a government. Get them out.

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UK local elections 

If you’ve got a local election today, get down there and vote for whichever non-fash candidate is most likely to beat the Tories. Swallow that progressive infighting urge, and just !

I'm always astounded how many great (and weird) talks we get at #emfcamp.

Looking forward to not seeing any of them because I'll be too busy running the event.

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