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Was rather upset a bit earlier for Reasons, and my daughter gave me a hug and said “stop pretending to smile and be happy, it’s ok to just be sad sometimes”.

How did she get so smart?

TIL about the Game Canon, the 10 most important video games of all time (in 2007). Which *one* game since the list was made would you add? I think maybe Minecraft is important/influential enough to be on there?

I am a pattern thinker, a pattern seeker, sometimes the work is just observing and dreaming

Good god, logging into Trello has become a choose-your-own-adventure of confusing options since Atlassian got involved.

As always, when presented with any kind of building system, I have built the obligatory SPACESHIP!

In the meantime, the children are long gone.

My mum has moved into a new house. It has Ethernet throughout and a proper patch panel in the loft. I am insanely jealous. Mainly because i just want a patch panel, not because I *need* one.

The iPhone was introduced almost 14 years ago. Today, Vodafone tell me I can finally get Visual Voicemail, that O2 had on day one.

And now my "discrepancy" column has a discrepancy column to work out how wrong my wrong number is.

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A few minutes ago it was -£20.93. And before that it was £10.73. I hate this.

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Bookkeeping in order to do 2020 accounts. Current discrepancy, £31.66.

Is "cromulent" a perfectly cromulent word to use in normal conversation yet? It's been 25 years after all...

There’s a new stupid crypto idea every bloody hour at the moment, and most of them involve financial speculation. This wasn't really the tech utopian dream many of us had in mind, it's a libertarian hypercapitalist takeover.

Was looking for something to read to my 8yo, and then suddenly, had a brainwave! So we're starting John Chrisopher's Tripods trilogy 😀

Oops I accidentally double-negatived myself and designed a mutable blockchain.

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Going to start a blockchain system to keep a universal non-immutable log of when people I respect fell for the allure of crypto bullshit.

Unworkable proposal: month-long paid post-COVID sabbatical for the entire country so that we can try to remember what existing as our normal selves is like.

Which, to be fair, if I got a tattoo, is probably what I'd get.

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