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Is "cromulent" a perfectly cromulent word to use in normal conversation yet? It's been 25 years after all...

There’s a new stupid crypto idea every bloody hour at the moment, and most of them involve financial speculation. This wasn't really the tech utopian dream many of us had in mind, it's a libertarian hypercapitalist takeover.

Was looking for something to read to my 8yo, and then suddenly, had a brainwave! So we're starting John Chrisopher's Tripods trilogy 😀

Oops I accidentally double-negatived myself and designed a mutable blockchain.

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Going to start a blockchain system to keep a universal non-immutable log of when people I respect fell for the allure of crypto bullshit.

Unworkable proposal: month-long paid post-COVID sabbatical for the entire country so that we can try to remember what existing as our normal selves is like.

Which, to be fair, if I got a tattoo, is probably what I'd get.

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Remembered I dreamt about getting a tattoo, only the artist started doing a huge thing cringey on my back, when I just wanted a "42" on my shoulder.

My touchpad takes half a second to respond whenever I start moving. It's driving me (not that) slowly insane.

i view bitcoin and blockchain as a sort of antithesis to the promise of P2P and digital data, because artificial scarcity is a myth to digital data and it was all about sharing for mutual benefit

to see it used to enforce an artificial scarcity with greed and CO2 is perverse

Might start an NFT system for the natural numbers. I reckon people would pay quite a bit to own 0.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from nature.

Introduced 8yo daughter to “Day of the Tentacle Remastered” on PS4. I think this makes me a good parent, in my book at least.

Youngest has developed a habit of hiding the TV remote down the side of her sofa cushion. I’m considering not nipping it in the bud, in order to preemptively annoy her future partners.

Anyone want to help me make a Cosmo-quiz style website based on Umberto Eco's 14 signs of Ur-Fascism?

When a musician’s name came up suddenly with a sad face in our casual slack, it used to mean they’d died. Now it means they’ve started talking about NFTs.

Missed a sertraline dose yesterday, and now my brain is going all floofy

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