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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from nature.

Introduced 8yo daughter to “Day of the Tentacle Remastered” on PS4. I think this makes me a good parent, in my book at least.

Youngest has developed a habit of hiding the TV remote down the side of her sofa cushion. I’m considering not nipping it in the bud, in order to preemptively annoy her future partners.

Anyone want to help me make a Cosmo-quiz style website based on Umberto Eco's 14 signs of Ur-Fascism?

When a musician’s name came up suddenly with a sad face in our casual slack, it used to mean they’d died. Now it means they’ve started talking about NFTs.

Missed a sertraline dose yesterday, and now my brain is going all floofy

OK brain, now I’ve done the stupid haiku, can I go back to sleep?

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Why this had to be a haiku I don’t know. 5am is not a normal time. Fortunately, although I had to chase down the noisy cans, it wasn’t my bin.

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Blue bin fell over

Empty cans roll up the street

Tidy up time for me

Might write a blog post called "50 falsehoods programmers believe about the concept of truth"

They just *dropped a skyscraper out of the sky*, and landed it safely. Bloody hell, that’s impressive.

I managed to unlock the hidden networking capabilities of my Elegoo Mars! Here's my step by step guide:

I found a VR Peppa Pig rollercoaster video for my daughter and now I don't think I'm getting my phone back ever again.

I bought a secondhand Elegoo Mars resin printer, and with a very light UI hack and a $3 Chitu ESP8266 module, I’ve got it networked. All the capability is there in the firmware and hardware (serial below M09), it’s just hidden away. Superb. Writeup coming soon.

If there are any dream experts out there who can explain why last night I dreamt I nailed a large spring onion to the wall as a Christmas decoration, that would be great.

It’s very funny to me that over the past ~15 years, internet libertarianism has moved from “copyright is obsolete, information wants to be free” to recreating copyright from first principles, except the copyright registry sets the planet on fire.

Cryptocurrencies are clever, they could have done something interesting, and there are uses (albeit limited) beyond that for blockchains, but the whole thing has turned into a hypercapitalist hellscape of grifters and speculators.

Sorry but why the hell didn’t they call this a Screwspaper?

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