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This looks good. Ignoring power dynamics in management relationships is an awful idea, despite your best intentions not to wield power over those you manage:

When I lean on a particular place on my keyboard and touch my other laptop which is plugged into a different socket, I can _feel_ the current flowing through my skin. But can I find it with a multimeter? Can I bollocks. Worried I've got a floating earth somewhere...

Here's a slightly abstract (and unsettling) data visualisation of case rates in England.

🔊Sound on for the full effect..!

(YouTube link in case Twitter compresses it:

Made in , Adobe After Effects, and GarageBand

The world got demonstrably worse when websites stopped supporting RSS

Naan in the toaster is the best thing I ever learned from Bake Off.

Please god someone sort out videoconferencing tech before the next pandemic

The only emotion I can feel these days without feeling guilty about it is, ironically, guilt.

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One example of how having a learning disabled child is frustrating: when you take your eyes off her for a minute, and she treads mud through the entire house, you can't even be justifiably angry.

I can certainly hear a difference straight away, just remains to be seen if it has the calming effect advertised.

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Calmer ear things installed. Apparently they cut out invasive sound frequencies and reduce stress. Let's see if this works!

Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait (for my prints to finish)

The conspiracy theory pandemic is a massive species-level problem, as if we needed another one. I’m surprised I don’t see this covered more urgently by trustworthy media.

I fully expect this will go nowhere because (a) I’m terrible at getting people to use my stuff and (b) Rails isn’t cool any more. But I’m fine with that.

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This is also definitely coding as therapy, and me retreating into my happy place rather than face actual reality.

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I make no promises it’s any good. I’m just scratching my own itch here.

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God I love the early hours of making software. This is my favourite bit. It’s all downhill from here.

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Making a thing to manage files for 3d printing. Nice to remember I can still *do* stuff sometimes.

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Open social media for the UK