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Working late to get some writing done, and in the first half hour I've written more than I have in the last week. I really should just work at night, it's so much more effective for me.

Caveat: you shouldn't work late unless it works positively *for you*, and if you do choose to, take time off in lieu afterwards.

Building new messaging or videocalling apps without interoperability should be just flat out banned.

Hurray #fediverse 🎉🎉 🤗

Big opportunities are coming to us.. hopefully!

The EU is working on 2 pieces of legislation: The Digital Services & Digital Markets Acts

DMA is about “keep[ing] our markets fair and open to competition, it’s vital that we have the right toolkit in place.”

This entails enforcing #bigtech platforms to adopt #interoperability standards.

Oh yeah, we at fedi have those already: #activitypub 🤯

Help create an EU Lobby Group!
Boosts most welcome!

I finished Outer Wilds last night. It's quite possibly the best game I've ever played. Play it. And avoid all spoilers.

I'm definitely on some sort of list given how often I accidentally google "USIC", the US Intelligence Community, when trying to run Apple's "Music" app.

Very pleased with my secondhand ceiling-mounted nanoleaf panels - hopefully they can stave off a bit of the winter darkness.

We need a campaign for putting actual energy capacities on batteries, in J or Wh. I doubt Big Battery would have it though.

Oh, good, Google Forms has become a vector for 419 scams. Thanks 2020.

The 2020 extended version of Soulwax's NY Lipps is bringing a smile to my face, the likes of which hasn't been seen for months.

Giving up on my failed tasks in Streaks and replacing them with the more general “5 ways to well-being” (plus reading), to help me notice those each day and not fail at specific tasks:

I can’t do this again today. But what choice is there, except to attempt a facsimile of life. I hope you’re all coping out there, wherever you are.

Once again I find myself wanting to reduce my messaging chaos by using Matrix to access Discord, Slack, Whatsapp, etc, but where to start with that is still hella confusing.

With all these NHS COVID-19 checkins, it’s like being back in the early days of Foursquare.

The US electoral system really does make ours in the UK look sensible. That takes some doing.

Finally, after 10 years, my Joggler is doing something useful!

*looks at self*

Don't start another project...

*inches towards keyboard*

Stop that...

*reaches out*

Don't you dare...!

`git init .`


"Why isn't there more footage of monsters?"
"What do you mean?"
"People always talked about seeing monsters, but couldn't prove it. Now that everyone carries a camera, we should see lots of films of them."
"We do."
"We do?"
"It's just not the monsters some of us were expecting."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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