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Trying out Quitter, a macOS app to automatically quit things like mail or social media clients rather than leaving them running and distracting you in the background. High hopes for better focus!


UK friends - contribute to archives! don’t throw away all those terrible election leaflets that come through your door! they’re being collected in Bristol for the whole country ( and in Strathclyde for Scotland (


Remember that technology is a tool. Use it to help yourself.

Wow, this south west train has no flat surfaces anywhere (except the floor). Nowhere to nicely rest an arm on a windowsill even. This is definitely what a hostile environment looks like. It’s like it’s been intentionally designed to be uncomfortable.

Oo I have a Matrix homeserver running. That was surprisingly straightforward.

Can I bring myself to bin Twitter too? It's broadcast-only anyway really, everything goes on first, but this feels like a much bigger step. It was an important place for me for a long time...

Now, WhatsApp, that's the big problem. That I would actually miss out on stuff. Not *much*, but a few important things. How I wish that as an Internet we'd stuck with federated messaging and XMPP.

Forgot I had an Instagram account, as I never used it, but might as well bin it so away it goes.

So happy to finally take the plunge and . Good riddance to a scourge of the web.

And yes, these might be useful for people with additional needs to be able to play dice-based games, but I really don't think that's the market the makers are going for.

@celesteh The fastest way to cross to the R'lyeh of Wight.

Interesting view from Paul Mason at that legal systems, free markets, and governments are all basically autonomous systems or AIs made of humans and paper.

We've got the ball rolling on the first on-demand Library of Things (in York, UK). Delivered by bike. A world first?

However, now stuck on how to cover the cost of incorporating the cooperative (~£400) to then put together a Community Share Offer. Hesitant to use the typical crowd funding platforms. Thoughts anyone?

Miatta Fahnbulleh at : “at the rate we’re depleting topsoil, we may only have 60 harvests left”

Holy shit, that phrasing brings it home hard.

Clare from just ended her talk *brilliantly*, by asking the audience to talk to each other for a moment about what we do next, and then leaving the stage without us noticing. No applause, no closure. The question and demand is still open. We’re fucked. Do something. Now. 👏🏻

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