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Advantage of our office location is that I can hold 1:1s with my team at the protest at Oxford Circus.

Did a teletype pairing session this morning with @huwdiprose, but we accidentally left it connected. So suddenly a few hours later he starts typing onto my screen, like my computer is haunted.

What a time to be alive.

If there’s one thing that will save humanity and make it all worthwhile, it’s our capacity for whimsy.

“The piece started with a 17-month rest on September 5, 2001, which would have been Cage's 89th birthday. The first sound appeared on February 5, 2003.”

I’m so glad things like this exist.

TIL that there is a John Cage piece being performed in Germany that will last 639 years:

Definitely adding that to my “obscure places to visit” list.



I don't know who made that image first, but it works so well.

It also works for NPM.

"Remember: If it's not ISO 8601, it's not a date, it's just hanging out"

i can't tell if people are subtweeting npm or brexit and at this point i'm too afraid to ask

How would one replace an entire government and parliament? Asking for a few million friends.

The #StopBrexit petition will now actually be discussed in parliament, recognising the huge number of signatures it has received.

Please sign the #RevokeArticle50Petition if you haven’t already done so, and you are a UK citizen who doesn’t want #Brexit to happen!

To watch the numbers without overloading the site, use

i got the words "jacuzzi" and "yakuza" confused 

The feel of the "Suits" episode of Love, Death and Robots makes me itch for an animated Firefly comeback.

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