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My code is haunted. I have no other explanation.

Correction, not biggest ever, I was probably looking at the site wrong. Thanks @liedra for the correction.

Has anyone made a graph of signing rate for It's the biggest ever now, and I'd love to see the trends. I know parliament have this internally, but I can't see if publicly anywhere...

So many people are signing this it took down the petition website. This is a good sign.

UK remainers: Sign this petition to revoke Article 50, because at this point we need to do *everything* we can to stop this shambles, and though they're usually ignored, it's worth a few seconds. Also it's at over 600k sigs and climbing fast - maybe it won't be so easy to ignore this time:

We made a list of the 100 people doing the most in climate policy! Congratulations to the inspirational people, from youth activists to academics, who are transforming policy to protect the world against climate change:

TIL key lime pie is a pie made from key limes, not a type of lime pie. i.e. "key lime" pie, not key "lime pie" 🤯

Fat of the land was never my favourite prodigy album, but damn are there some good tracks on this (and not the obvious ones).

Just gonna listen to the Prodigy for a while if that’s ok. Bye Keith, and thanks.

"I didn't evolve for this bullshit" is an existential "not my job"

Maybe 'the world is getting more complex' or maybe the old certain simplicities are losing credibility as the outliers get smartphones.

warning - extreme dry wit levels detected

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

The definition for Person says it is for "A person (alive, dead, undead or fictional).

Undead or fictional.

Undead OR fictional.


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