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GCU Hypertext As The Engine Of Application State

That’s referring to this bout of flu, but works for my wider personality as well I guess. 🙄

I could really do with not feeling like crap any more, thanks.

If you have an iOS device and like to make music (either for fun or as a band) then I can really recommend you try out the hidden gem that is Apple’s Music Memos app:

6yo child is getting into console games with the new Spyro. But this raises big questions; invert camera X or not? This training will affect her ENTIRE life. Big decision.

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great deals on amazon surveillance devices today

I'm gonna give up computers and open up a specialist Yak barbershop.

This GDPR-related news is really interesting:

If it there is no "light-weight" legal way to outsource your privacy-sensitive data processing, that's HUGE.

Because most of the businesses violating our privacy online today, are just passing the data on. The privacy sensitive stuff is not and never will be their core business.

(hat tip: @laura )

OH: "sorry I had to do something on twitter and it has fried my train"

Sorting out EV SSL certificates is a massive pain in the arse, and yet so easy to exploit. Definitely pretend security.

Awake at 3am, been feeling sick for hours for some reason, with the My Little Pony movie soundtrack stuck in my head. Send help.

I know it seems like the Internet’s fault but believe me it was the exact same bullshit before, except you couldn’t answer back.

Hello Rebels.

Tomorrow #London will face major disruptions from the #ExtinctionRebellion

This inconvenience is to alert and avert much greater suffering that a biosphere collapse will bring.

I'll be doing legal observation, so can't post about it: I'd be very grateful to anyone that can transpose posts from twitter.

In love and rage,

Want a neural net to finish your novel for you? I wrote a tutorial on using GPUs to generate D&D spells and bios.
I may have had rather too much fun with the D&D theme.

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