Who out there in the :fediverse: would be interested in a federated 3d model hosting service, like a decentralised Thingiverse?

I'm building as a personal self-hosted app to manage local files, but with I think a few changes it could also be a federated hosting tool, and my brain keeps thinking about having a go at making it speak .

Thoughts, anyone? Worth a go?

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@ashinonyx thanks! Glad you like the idea!

Also, I have a cat question and your bio says I should ask it! Why are their eye bogies black, when ours are much lighter in colour? Is that a thing, or do I just have a really dirty cat?

@Floppy thanks for asking! This was a fun one to answer 😊

First off: your cat’s not dirty! A little bit of eye booger is normal, but if they happen a ton and/or you find sticky, green/yellow mucus then visit a vet!

The reason cats & dogs have reddish-brown eye crusties is because they excrete porphyrins in their tears (we don’t usually). Porphyrins are a component of red blood cells and are mostly excreted in poop! They’re responsible for the poop’s brown colour. 💩

@floppy This is cool idea, definitely worth to go ahead. Fediverse is in Fast Forward nowadays i gess, so anything about ActivityPub protocol could be big thing in future, spciall unique ideas like yours

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