There’s a new stupid crypto idea every bloody hour at the moment, and most of them involve financial speculation. This wasn't really the tech utopian dream many of us had in mind, it's a libertarian hypercapitalist takeover.

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Depressing take 

@Floppy this is where I feel our generation failed. In the rush to make things open we didn’t take time to build them in a way that would keep them open. We facilitated this takeover by failing at the “eternal vigilance” thing.

Depressing take 

@Floppy perhaps I’m just bitter as I was played by apple in their “open when underdog, closed when winning” swap with Microsoft

Depressing take 

@mdales you’re absolutely right. We thought our open idealism would carry the day, when it just got co-opted. We need to work to bring it back.

Agree. We need to use light, these funguses grow in darkness, ie. corporateMedia, medium articles etc.

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