Can anyone point me to any best practices on running database migrations in a kubernetes (or similar) environment with automated deployment?

@Floppy django model: commit migrations as files to the repo, have a database table of migrations which have been applied? Recording in db keeps that state together with the schema. Also means you have history of schema changes.

@h2g2bob yeah we’re using sequelize which has an equivalent. Wondering how to manage those in a blue/green deploy environment, but I think I’m coming up with a plan...

@Floppy More important question: do you *really* want to auto-deploy this? If we're talking SQL, we're talking exclusive lock. Which is super-happy fun times. Waits for anything currently using the table to finish, but while waiting causes all new queries to wait. Those queries may take locks on other tables. Setting statement timeout would deal with some of that, maybe.

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