People who know IPv6: my ISP supports IPv6 - if I tell me router to use it fully across my home network, would all my home devices become directly routable, thus exposing all their ports and losing the protection of the router? /cc @pikesley

@floppy @pikesley yes, but your router should be firewalling it for you.

(NAT is not a firewall!)


That said, the sheer size of the IPv6 address space makes opportunistic portscanning basically impossible, so you get a certain amount of protection from that.


If you are not using privacy extensions then the much smaller mac address space (by default ipv6 addresses are generated from mac addresses), makes host scanning easier (still hard tho). Also ip's will leak in e.g. email headers, and be visible in weblogs etc.

@russss @pikesley OK that makes sense - hard to find a definite answer for whether my router WILL actually properly firewall it, but I hope so.

@Floppy Directly routable, yes. That’s the end to end principle. No NAT.

To get the equivalent protection to a NAT, you must enable a stateful firewall. In Linux terms, you allow inbound packets for ESTABLISHED or RELATED sessions only, while allowing all outbound traffic.

Confirmation is possible by running a Web server in the LAN, and attempting to access it by IP from the WAN. If the firewall is correct, the connection will be refused or time out.

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