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🤖 This account toots server update messages, version upgrade announcements, etc. Contact @Floppy for support! 🤖

As ever, this server exists for you and is supported by its users (unlike the standard social platforms). If you'd like to make a regular donation to keep this place running, you can join the collective at

We're now running Mastodon 3.0.1, thanks to @mastohost and of course @gargron and the rest of the Mastodon team. See what's new at

Also: we've created a commercial use policy that says we will suspend purely commercial accounts from this server. See more at silences or blocks some servers known to regularly violate our standards. You can now view the list of blocked or silenced content at

Welcome to all you new folks! This is a community administered by @Floppy, hosted in the UK by @mastohost and supported by you! If you would like to make sure it keeps running for the future, you can help with our €30pcm costs at

If you’re new here, here are some tips for #gettingstarted in the fediverse! 

* search some hashtags you’re interested in
* look at the federated timeline
* follow and unfollow people liberally
* post an toot with lots of hashtags
* look at who other people follow

Like any other network, it takes a while to build up a feed, but there are plenty of interesting folks here! Welcome to the fediverse, and have fun :)

We've blocked some fediverse instances that don't fit with the sort of positive space we want to create. We're using the @blockchain from

Only domains with illegal content are outright blocked. Others are silenced from the federated feeds, but if you want to follow anyone on them, you can; knock yourself out.

If you have any problems, or can't access accounts you really want to, let us know!

Registrations are currently closed on while we work out how to stop a recent wave of spam accounts signing up. You can still send invitations though!

And we are back up and running, now hosted by @mastohost. Thanks for bearing with us during the transfer, and get in touch if you experience any problems! 😍

DOWNTIME ALERT! The server will be offline from 20:00 UTC this evening (2018-07-14) for an hour or so while we migrate to new hosting with @mastohost. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience!

We're now running Mastodon v2.4.0, with many improvements including:

* Offline mode!
* Better direct messaging!
* Profile metadata!
* Custom emoji and bot badges for profiles!
* More privacy controls!

Full release notes at, and as always thanks to @gargron and all the contributors to this release.

Sorry everyone, we've had a few server problems the last few days, due to running out of memory space on the redis store. We have more space now, and @Floppy is looking at moving to a new server where we can more space without the current cost.

Good morning! A little late, but this instance is now running Mastodon 2.2.0. This releaseadds a few little things including web share!

Good morning! We're now running Mastodon v2.1.2 No major user-facing changes, mostly bugfixes and internal tweaks. Release notes: is now running Mastodon v2.1.0!

New features:
* Lists!
* Invitations!
* Moving accounts!
* More mute, block and boost options!

Full release notes at, and thanks as ever to @gargron and his team :)

There is now a public service status page for this instance at
💻 ❤

The about page at now lists our wonderful backers who make this place possible.

Shouts out to @Alastair, @amcewen, @matt, @vgrade and @annoyingmouse! ❤️

Join them and support decentralised social networking at

🤖 This account toots server update messages, version upgrade announcements, etc. Contact @Floppy for support! 🤖

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