What if “personalisation” on the web was client-side, rather than server-side? It was, in a way, early on. And I just don’t buy the idea that people only wanted read-only user agents.

@RL_Dane @robertbrook Absolutely.

My favorite RSS use was actually setting up an SNMP to RSS tool on the servers I managed so my team could simply 'follow' the hosts we were responsible for and could get a nice little notification if they had any issues.
We also had a little kiosk box at the end of the row that was running an RSS feed screensaver so folks could see at a glance if something new popped up.

@RL_Dane @robertbrook Technically it did syslog and snmp and a few other things, but the point was it combined them into a 'secure' little string it could send out with user friendly messages for admin teams to watch.

(Secure in the sense that it didn't contain anything that was supposed to be confidential, not in the sense of 'safe')

@Longplay_Games @robertbrook

Didn't SNMP have some security issues, or was it just a matter of how it was configured? I'm trying to recall conversations from 15+ years ago.

@RL_Dane @robertbrook IIRC SNMP had loads of issues.
That was part of why I had set up an RSS feeder instead. It allowed us to provide a safer and read-only look at server statuses that were on different network zones.

@robertbrook I wonder if any of these sorts of tools would even run client-side?

Thinking of stuff like Echonest (music recommendation), that relies on access to a database of possible choices, as would many other personalisation systems.. perhaps this is the sticking point as that database would be hard to ship and maintain.. interesting challenge 😀

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