The strange thing is on the beach at Brean. Photos of it are even weirder. Lighthouse at Brean #inktober #MastoArt

I know I'm just griping now, but could we please not have UIs designed by dandies?

in think in the future when you order food you'll be on your phone swiping through all the food in your area and then youll find a particularly delicious looking potato and swipe in a direction marked Awooga! and 12 seconds later the potato rolls down the road towards your house at 80 mph, catapults itself up the stairs and directly into your mouth

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Recommendations for apps for cataloguing a small library of books via cover/barcode scanning? I tried goodreads but it doesn't recognise most barcodes, and because a lot of the books are about patterns, thought the covers were barcodes that it didn't recognise as well.

I don't think I've had a good night's sleep in years

I require new suggestions for simple RSS readers that are cross platform

Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux

As well as being able to sync across easily (using google drive, dropbox, or some other form of file sharing)

If you are seeing this, please recommend me #retrocomputing Masto accounts to follow.

Not sure if this is a #fediverse, #indieweb, or both thing, but what would be cool, if we want to decentralize reading, then we need to decentralize stats. One of the main things I love about Amazon's Kindle infrastructure is the ability to automatically track reading progress on a monthly, weekly, yearly, and number of books basis. Stand-alone ebook readers can't yet do that. Yet I know many folks who would still rather buy physical books to avoid giving their data away.

How can I write something that’s not just a poor rehash of an idea that’s been done a dozen times before? Or be more precise? I’m really vague. Or not reveal quite how entitled and privileged I am? Well. That’s several dead ends I doubt I’ll ever reverse out of.

Sometimes I consider shifting from Apple Music to Spotify, after reading a blog post that encapsulates my annoyances with Apple Music. But then I find a blog post that runs through all the weird issues with Spotify. Seems like there’s no market for basic music streaming any more. They’ve all got to be clever.

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