I am not gonna use other accounts on mastodon server if i confuse people so i am HERE for the foreseeable future IN CASE anybody asks for me. 😜

i'm hearing some good arguments in both directions. to keep the discussion going, here are some other options:

- longer char count under CW, but it's more like 768 or 1024
- longer char count but you can only see it if you click a "read more" link that takes you to the external status view, like that one mastodon instance does
- secondary instance (lp.cybre.space?) that has higher char count and a modded UI to accommodate wordier posts

@ajroach42 More #hashtag #interests.

I do #infosec professionally and have for seventeen years. Been a #bofh, too.

I built an #exocortex and tinker with it. I'm trying to get more people to do the same.

I #blog at drwho.virtadpt.net/ when I have time.

#transhumanism #magick #thelema #lgbtq #poly #privacy #anonymity #tor #datalove

#trans but not ready to start transitioning, #uspol is too dangerous in my current situation.

Quite #strange once you get to know me.

@drwho it's not impossible, but ipfs is a more ephemeral environment than traditional web Networks. Stop off and comes into existence and then expires out quickly, with no external linking at all. Unlike the web, ipfs for now is a series of connected trees that themselves are disjoint.

A professional in iOS security just asked me on twitter, "How often do people really hit undefined behavior in C? Can you really blame the language?"

I'm happy to help educate but it stresses me out when folks proclaiming expertise in fields outside my own are missing what I consider to be fundamental *general* knowledge, let alone a thing I think should be uniquely important to folks working in their specialty.

Today I got approached at work about rewriting all our Python services in Go.

This like coming up to me and saying, "Hey, I'd like to clean all the shit out of this room and replace it with larger, fresher shits."

Fucking being responsible. I'm going to say yes.

I have a feeling that folks are going to gleefully design a tech stack that maximizes our shared failure becauase they think it's a good idea.

I just had a dream where I was on a road trip and I activated the self driving features by accident, with the car leaving me behind.

Terrible dreams. Have to keep reminding myself that no, I haven't been in a car crash and discovered a child slavery ring in the night.

I've gotta improve this site use and not be gone with the wind of change so much and i think it can be done seeing it has a good reason enough most of the times.

The 2017 Mastodon Mini-Census is here!
It's only 10 questions, so it's nice and short :]

Please boost this so we can get as many responses as possible


@pedrosocial ah. Think of it as a bbs for people who do film/graphics other "creative" vocations.

@pedrosocial I wouldn't pretend to really understand that, but I believe its being revived as a "creatives" network

if you are in UK use this URL and tool to contact members of parliament DEMAND Lauri Love has a #TrialAtHome #FreeLauri


I am sure being present in person is a required act of courage and somehow i thought being less present personally was a good thing once? Hmm, maybe not!

Fed up with #YouTube? Let's build a free-libre alternative that combines federated hosting and peer-to-peer viewing. Learn more and support the #PeerTube project here: framatube.org/#en framapiaf.org/media/pA7Wi_Wdnh

Meanwhile, at the New Eden Compound.... this makes me very uncomfortable and I'm not entirely ready to deal with why. I'm sure I can commit a deep dive to it at my next therapy session.

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