@mdales Oh is tootdon still working? I’m using Amaroq now, seems ... fine...

Finally back on Mastodon after several months, purely because Tootdon went away and I only just got around to choosing another client 😕

I just love it when LastPass servers timeout and lose the new random password I just saved

All developers should have to play this “game” daily for a week as part of their education.

It’s brilliantly bad, and so extremely familiar that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry


This is a wonderful game where you are a propaganda mastermind, learning the tricks of

@Edent Ah bugger. Can you let me know if you hear anything? I'll do likewise!

@Edent Hey! Just found this moixa websockets API client on Github and thought of you: github.com/MoixaEnergy/maslow-

Did you find a way of getting data out again?

Been talking to carbon.coop about getting data out of Moixa and building a HomeAssistant module 🎛

@sheogorath I mean specifically for Fluidkeys, rather than speaking for all projects.

@sheogorath Heads up that it's safer to rely on a release tag rather than `master`. Master should always compile and pass its tests, but won't necessarily be in sync with the API. Right now that's true: `team edit` works but it can get you in a bad state :) When it's consistent we'll do another (minor) release.

@sheogorath Got you, thanks. Any ideas yet which mail client you'll go for?

@sheogorath Hey! I'd be really interested to hear more about your use case! Great work on the Fedora package 🥂

Another productive week! We released v1.1 and started making it possible to edit a team fluidkeys.com/weeknotes/week-4

@sheogorath @wiktor I missed the thread there, what kind of tool are you thinking of?

We did a practice pitch this week. It was cool. Do you know any grant funders we should be speaking to?

Weeknotes from @ian The future, customers and funders 🔮 fluidkeys.com/weeknotes/week-3

❔Collect less
🔒 Encrypt more
❌ Delete often

A simple but uncommon recipe for a safer, more respectful way of running an organisation.

@sheogorath I like the idea of calling them. How do you (personally) check if they support encrypted email?

@wiktor It was @ian trying to log in: I made him use my number as a recovery method instead of his own, as mine is a little better protected against sim swapping.

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