@sheogorath @wiktor I missed the thread there, what kind of tool are you thinking of?

We did a practice pitch this week. It was cool. Do you know any grant funders we should be speaking to?

Weeknotes from @ian The future, customers and funders 🔮 fluidkeys.com/weeknotes/week-3

❔Collect less
🔒 Encrypt more
❌ Delete often

A simple but uncommon recipe for a safer, more respectful way of running an organisation.

@sheogorath I like the idea of calling them. How do you (personally) check if they support encrypted email?

@wiktor It was @ian trying to log in: I made him use my number as a recovery method instead of his own, as mine is a little better protected against sim swapping.

@Alastair Indeed! Turns out I made @ian use my number on his account (it has better protection against sim swapping than his own number)

Puzzled (and initially alarmed) why I got a Github 2-factor SMS out the blue yesterday. I don’t have SMS 2-factor on any of my accounts...

I can feel the pressure of the last few weeks subsiding. Released Fluidkeys 1.0 yesterday and appeared on FLOSS weekly podcast today. Quite a few sleepless nights! But we did it! And we get a (sunny) change of scene at the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia next week ☀️

@sheogorath Yeah totally, well in this I didn't read the article because it was easier to hit "back" than dismiss the popups, so perhaps people will just stop reading it naturally :)

I thought it was quaint that our members of parliament physically walk through a counting area, and are physically counted, until I watched it in realtime. FFS, get an electronic vote counting system like everyone else.

@wiktor Thanks for pointing our way Wiktor! @zerok I'd be really up for a chat to understand your use case (regardless of whether it fits Fluidkeys.) Are you up for a quick call sometime?

@wiktor Yes indeed! I'm thinking about this too.

If I'm only concerned about *read-only* mitm then we could host the pins online somewhere rather than bake them into the app

@wiktor I was musing whether our login / challenge endpoint could provide more than just a signed token, but a session key that's *also* used to encrypt the whole session *inside* TLS

@wiktor Tunnelling: from the 1Password security whitepaper, page 45 "Transport Security":

@wiktor Yeah JWT is a great approach. Maybe we forget the tunnelling bit for now...

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