It's on Friday.🥳

Session pitches have started to percolate in my brain! 🧠 Some thinking out loud about pitches...

1. Some sort of pitch to discuss what sustainable user centred service design looks like in practice for small to medium orgs.

2. Who wants to work in the open but is struggling? Can we help each other?

3. Some of us want to be back in the office. Some don't want to go back at all. Now what? (I'm sure there's a pithier title than this😁)

4. Something around 'Evergreen' technology in the public/third sector. Trying to encourage an ecosystem based on smaller change rather than big 'digital transformation' lurches away from toxic tech.

5. Recruitment is challenging for digital/tech roles (probably everything else too!). What might we do about it? (Aside from massive pots of money 💰)

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