Yesterday I wanted to create a git repository called "stövelrem".

My personal gitea server refused, as apparently ö isn't an alphanumedic according to it 🤦‍♀️

Github accepted it but then gave my repo the name "-st-velre" 🤦‍♀️

Even Make copes with unicode characters, why can't these repository tools cope with a character from the extended ASCII set?!

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@mdales can you have unicode characters in the resulting URLs it would produce, though? 🤔

@Alastair it might have to escape it, though browsers do tend to show it unescaped, which is nice. For example:

This shows as Älgar in the URL bar and %C3%84lgar if I copy the URL.

@Alastair Just dismayed that we still haven't got over these things in general.

At the last company I worked with for fun we used a 🐝 as a file extension for a new file type we made, mostly to see what broken. I was amazed that Make, git, etc. all worked fine, and in the end if was Jira, which is configured with a DB that can't handle 4 byte unicode, that was the thing that couldn't cope.

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