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"The path of user needs, avoiding beautiful nonsense, and the shelves of wisdom" - important insight on design systems and service manuals by  my brilliant colleague Ian Roddis

For the first time in at least a decade, I have a Nokia-branded phone and it’s not let down by a flaky OS

@Edent on the importance of making machine learning code open source, so we can understand its operation and its biases

At the Empower the Person conference a year ago, we asked participants what an NHS service manual might be. Today, Adam, Dean, Ian and Polly presented a redesigned website, a frontend kit, and service manual. Great work, team :)

Great day yesterday with cross-gov heads of design talking services week, designer inductions, and the DDAT capability framework. Came home with a classic sticker on my notebook

Pondering the many ways people try to visualise a complex system, and the implicit assumptions in each. Any good examples from any sector?

Yesterday in London: Mauro and his colleagues have printed out every page of the NHS website pregnancy and baby guide. How might we structure it better to help people find what they need?

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