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Ubuntu Phone's comeback is on the table. Meizu 5 PRO with its own Ubuntu packaging and ecosystem that protects user's privacy with security baked in can be made available.

If interested in getting genuine Ubuntu Phone make a vote here

Do you want to support people who are making phone thinking "Humanity comes first" ? Yes, that's right Ubuntu Phone isn't just for geeks. It's for all who are sick and tired of trackers and ads from Facebook or Google. Both of them faced charges due to data breaches and violation of fundamental human rights. They dominate the market but they don't have to dominate you.

Your vote will make a difference.
Vote here

And guess what ... you can use Mastodon app on it as well.

Digital privacy isn't just for journalists and high-ranking security professionals. Not being followed by tech giants is a human right. You wouldn't show your confidential information to a complete stranger on a street so why you don't mind Google having it and using it to against you ? To turn you into a product ?

You can have a peace of mind again but I need your vote here to bring privacy-protecting phone to market.

Great news for all and fans. Ubuntu Phone on a sleek Meizu 5 PRO with Ubuntu packaging can be made available but I need your vote here.
Your vote matters !

Elon Musk thinks that online privacy is overrated. Well, 45 billion searches on DuckDuckGo (and counting) proves him wrong.
If you don't mind that Google and Facebook knows where you are and when you're there then you can go about your life otherwise read on.

Google has been accused of monitoring children by mexican government. Faced a lawsuit.

Do you want a phone you and your children can trust ? The answer is Ubuntu Touch.

Linux user but not Ubuntu Phone user ? What's up with that ?

People at Ubuntu Touch have worked hard to bring this gorgeous, open source and privacy-first mobile OS to this Google-governing world where Google spies on everything you do if you let it.

Ubuntu Touch + Meizu 5 PRO => Freedom In Your Hand

Leave a comment if interested.

Would you welcome a comeback of Meizu 5 PRO with Ubuntu Touch preinstalled ?

Privacy-first mobile OS running on sleek and gorgeous looking Meizu 5 PRO.

Please vote.

Question for owners of a new laptop. How long your battery lasts while using the laptop on a full charge ?

Dedication beats talent. Your talent will fail you if you're not skilled.
If you face rejection over and over keep your thing in mind. Other people's opinion of you doesn't determine who you really are. Appreciate valuable feedback but rejection is only a setback. The more rejected you get, the more you push on that thing that makes you .... you.

Life can sometimes bring tears into your eyes but we get to choose what we're focusing on. We can choose to focus on being victim of other people's decisions and let it cripple us, or we can choose to focus on being the best version of ourselves from that point on and make somethin' good. We choose what we focus on every day. Choose wisely on what you're focusing on. Your future depends on it.

In times when you feel like everything is falling apart right before your eyes keep in mind who you are. That's the only thing that can't be taken away from you. If you've lost a loved one, a close friend, a job, a business your next step will determine your future. We can choose to ensure that something good will come out of this event. If you're a gardener. Keep that garden like never before, if you're a flat designer, make your next design like it's your last.

If you're failing at something. Welcome it. If you're failing that means you're doing something worth doing. That's why you can't fail watching Netflix for 3 hours straight, you can't fail scrolling through Instagram for an hour, you can't fail smoking a cigarette. You can really fail only what's worth doing. Remember that. So if you've failed, or experienced a setback. Pat yourself on the back thinking "I'm doing something worthwhile here, I'll keep going !".

Do only programmers use Linux ? If you use Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora or any other Linux flavour who are you ? If you're doing anything else like music editing and yet using Linux leave a comment.

If you're in a battle with life pay close attention to what you're focusing on. Will the thing you're focusing on help you win the battle or will it help you lose the battle ? There's no shame in having a hardship (all great men and women have had it) but check yourself regularly asking "Am I focusing on the right thing ?".

Very often something very bad has to happen first in order for something amazing to happen in the future. In other words, very often we have to sacrifice something that is precious and dear to us for something great happen in the future. If you give up on something / someone you love make sure something good comes out of it.

2/2 Be smart about who you spend your time with. Not all people should get your time. That may sound arrogant to some but it is something I personally believe in. If you value your time, not everyone will get it. You choose who will get it. Follow your passion and vision and don't look back. You're here to make a positive impact.

1/2 Don't be afraid to be misunderstood by others. If you're pursuing something special, exceptional you'll be misunderstood and that's OK. Your partner may even break up with you 'coz she thinks you're nuts. If it happens it only means she was never meant to be with you in the first place. If she loves you she will get you. People may call you anti-social or nerd or whatnot but people who are called names make a difference in the world.

If you're a painter and ruined your painting, put it in a trash and start over but better this time. If you're a skater but your turns aren't smooth, get on the blades and keep practicing. If you're teaching yourself math, but don't get calculus. Have a bite, take a nap, get up and try again ! If you're a cyber security student but struggle with understanding firewalls, give it extra 5 hours of your time instead of partying with mates. Failing is OK, keep going !

The more you fail now the better you're prepared for your future. Failure is a stepping stone to success. Change your perception of failure. Failures are here to teach us a lesson, failures are here to give us a feedback. Very often rejections are here for our own good. To develop your determination, to make you hungry for whatever you're pursuing. Stay hungry and get comfortable with failing. Jack Ma (founder of Ali Baba) was rejected by managers at KFC !

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