@passthejoe I think Google started regretting making Chromium open source. 4 browsers are built on it and 1 (New Edge) is picking up on popularity. Google is fuming.

@pythonhub Read the article. It's a matter of opinion I would say. I've never seen a post on Reddit saying that they regret learning Python as a first language for such and such reason.

I'm looking for IT-related job opportunity in London. I have extensive experience in web and app development. is my language.

I have:

developed multiple Flask apps
developed Android game
developed basic security system

Currently working towards OSCP certification.

Hit me back if you know about vacancy.

@omgubuntu As others pointed out when working on a new distro based on Ubuntu ask yourself the question "What this distro brings to the market that vanilla Ubuntu doesn't ?" in other words where is the value ? Why should I switch from vanilla Ubuntu to Zorin ?

If you're going through trying times. Whether you lost your job, business or a person you love left you trust that hardships are there to propel us to better future. God never puts us through hard times if He didn't have a plan to make it worthwhile for you. If you lost something you cared a lot about, it's because God has confidence in you. You can overcome your testing ground. Trust the process.

God Bless ...

I'm on the market for a new Python role. I'm a dev with sales experience and interest in cyber security.

I'm based in London
this is my personal website: markalexa.pythonanywhere.com

Available immediately.

@matiaslavik @protonmail That's one of the reasons why I keep promoting that tech geeks are needed so much. Because tech geeks need to educate and help non-technical people to understand how to protect themselves. Who else will do it ? Non-technical people need tech people. I myself study cyber security so I can help others. If one doesn't have a real career I encourage them to go into cyber security. Tech people are very much needed.

@jina Yeah, you never know when I came across something you literally sh*t your pants over and need one of those.

@ubuntu Define "so popular". Yes I'm using Ubuntu on all my machines but I also know that W10 dominates the desktop market, fair % of people does their coding on Macs and the rest are on some flavor of Linux. The NHS is using W10 Enterprise. I read that NASA is using Ubuntu. Speaking of the developer community I've seen devs on W10, Macs and Ubuntu. However despite of how great Ubuntu is Ubuntu's userbase doesn't stand out. I'll keep using it though. It's a great and secure OS that isn't bloated

@duckduckgo Yeah, this is funny. Yes, they're asked to hand over potentially sensitive data for investigation, but they're handing it over to trustworthy people, not to black hats who could take advantage of it. Facebook is playing "privacy card" but in a wrong way.

@matiaslavik @protonmail Yeah this whole digital / data privacy is almost like trying to dodge a bullet, really. There are so many players in this game, you avoid one, two or three tech giants and you get cornered by forth. Some of us took it to the next level by running own VPN server (OpenVPN) and using Tor browser even for simple online shopping.

Today I'd like to encourage everyone to take a moment and to say thank you to the Lord Jesus Christ for all the blessings that have been coming your way. We're living in the world where we can't take anything for granted. People with Master's degrees are living on streets without a shelter. People who are qualified, reliable, experienced, hard working yet broke on the street. Very small percentage of them are on drugs. Wherever you're working today say thanks. It can be taken away anytime.

God bless Mastodon, and all the people who reads this ....

@NeoTheThird @ubports I really like seeing UT on newer devices. These phones are fitted with powerful chips. UT can't really take advantage of it just yet.

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