I'm on the market for a new Python role. I'm a dev with sales experience and interest in cyber security.

I'm based in London
this is my personal website: markalexa.pythonanywhere.com

Available immediately.

The more you fail now the better you're prepared for your future. Failure is a stepping stone to success. Change your perception of failure. Failures are here to teach us a lesson, failures are here to give us a feedback. Very often rejections are here for our own good. To develop your determination, to make you hungry for whatever you're pursuing. Stay hungry and get comfortable with failing. Jack Ma (founder of Ali Baba) was rejected by managers at KFC !

Life can be kicking you in the stomach on regular basis but don't lose your integrity. Fight back head high with everything you've got. Be true to yourself and don't chicken out. That's the time when you show what you're made of. When life is kicking you in the stomach while you're beaten up on the floor. Stand up for what you're believing in ! Stand up for your name ! Keep going !

Are you using this lockdown to your advantage or are you just wasting it away ? Humans are creators, inventors, the most intelligent beings on Earth. Use what you've been given for benefit of others.

God bless

"Being positive in negative situation isn't being naive. It's leadership."

2/2 You're not regular though. You're here to impact the world in certain, positive way. That takes different mindset. Be happy about it and if others question or doubt you. Just give them a silent smirk on your face and keep going. You were created for greatness. God is with you ... He always been ...

God bless

What you focus on will determine what your life will be about and what will keep you going during tough times. What do you choose to focus on ?

There's nothing wrong with being different. But being different often means you have to be willing to suffer for it every now and then. People won't understand you and sometimes even think you're nuts. Steve Jobs was a great example of this. Are you willing to suffer some pain for going off the well proven path ?

Staying off the path well walked and proven will probably lead you to job security. But what if your mindset is different ? What if job security isn't your priority number 1 ? People say your life will be very hard if you stick out of the line and don't do what the majority is doing. But what if what others can see about you isn't none of your concern ? What if what you're after is way beyond that ? It's about what you do and how you think. People's perception is relative.

Being positive even when under pressure is an important trait for entrepreneurs. They always looking forward what the future brings and don't overly dwell upon undesirable circumstances they're facing.


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