@protonmail Hi devs at Proton Technologies. Take a look at below screenshot. It's not first time this has happen to me and I just wanna make you aware of that. Some companies don't recognize ProtonMail domain to be a valid email provider. (I just took off my username but the error remained)

Only few hours left before time's up on the poll.

This is your last chance to make the dream turn into a reality and vote here mastodon.me.uk/@coding_hedgeho to make stock of genuine Ubuntu Phones available.

Being spied on is a choice. By not voting you're making choice as well.

Tomorrow is the last day you can vote for phones to be available on stock.

Authentic Ubuntu packaging, phone, charger, Ubuntu Touch and peace of mind in one box.

And without spying !

Make a vote here mastodon.me.uk/@coding_hedgeho to get your hands on one of those babies.

Tick ... tock ... tick ... tock ....

2 more days and privacy-protecting Ubuntu Touch on phones can be either our daily armor and driver or a device that will go out of reach.

Your vote mastodon.me.uk/@coding_hedgeho will decide.

No other company have had so many privacy and data breaches like Google and Facebook. It's all over the Internet.

Ubuntu Phone supports Mastodon app out of the box and comes with security in mind.

Ladies & gents ... 2 more days before decision will be made.

We have the opportunity to bring Meizu 5 PRO, Sony Xperia X, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus and more with preinstalled gorgeous and privacy-minded Ubuntu Touch !

Enjoying laptop but haven't got genuine Ubuntu Phone ? Let's fix that !

Firstly, make a vote here mastodon.me.uk/@coding_hedgeho

Androids should end up like the one on the picture for all the privacy breaches Google has made to this date.

To Ubuntu Phone privacy breach is a foreign term.

Vote here mastodon.me.uk/@coding_hedgeho to make a difference in the world of digital privacy.

Tired of having Google always looking over your shoulder when searching for things or just browsing the Internet ?

Tired of forced updates that do more harm than good to your digital privacy ?

Make a vote here mastodon.me.uk/@coding_hedgeho to bring privacy-minded genuine Ubuntu Phone to the market.

Your vote can change things. Repost it, boost it, all that jazz ...

3 days left ...

Comeback of Meizu 5 PRO (and others) running gorgeous and privacy-first Ubuntu Touch is on the table. With its own Ubuntu authentic box. No hacking needed as those phones are coming preinstalled.

Want one (or more ;D ) ? This is rather Ubuntu-exclusive. Only people on Mastodon and Ubuntu community on Reddit knows about.

Make a vote here mastodon.me.uk/@coding_hedgeho to bring amazing phone to the market !

Elon Musk thinks that online privacy is overrated. Well, 45 billion searches on DuckDuckGo (and counting) proves him wrong.
If you don't mind that Google and Facebook knows where you are and when you're there then you can go about your life otherwise read on.

Google has been accused of monitoring children by mexican government. Faced a lawsuit.

Do you want a phone you and your children can trust ? The answer is Ubuntu Touch.

Linux user but not Ubuntu Phone user ? What's up with that ?

People at Ubuntu Touch have worked hard to bring this gorgeous, open source and privacy-first mobile OS to this Google-governing world where Google spies on everything you do if you let it.

Ubuntu Touch + Meizu 5 PRO => Freedom In Your Hand

Leave a comment if interested.


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