Having a realization that so many people around the world will spend 70% of their life in front of a computer. AI scientists, developers, cyber security pros, hackers, computer scientists, network engineers and the list goes on.

Link verification on Mastodon profile isn't working. At least not for some. Anyone else ?

adding rel="me" isn't making any difference.

Any suggestions ?

Topic on Reddit reddit.com/r/Mastodon/comments about Mastodon issue that has 10 upvotes and no answer :D

If anyone could provide thoughts on this ... much appreciated.

I'm launching a tech blog about SEO and it's optimized for most used phones. However I'd appreciated a feedback if you spot any rendering imperfections.


4am checking in. Coding hustle is up.

2hrs blockchain
2hrs TDD
3hrs+ ReactJs & Flask
blog design

To those of you who are having suicidal thoughts .... I won't be telling you "God loves you ..." or any of that c**p. If you follow through on it you're only making more room for those who didn't. Respond to those thoughts with self-discipline ! Self-discipline is the only thing that truly helps. Work on your craft. Work on your passion. God maybe loves you but you gotta step up in your game.

No matter how bad things are, you've got God on your side. When going through the tough times always remember you woke up for reason. You didn't have to wake up that morning. So many didn't. You did that means you still have something to do here. To touch another person's life like nobody before, to instruct someone, to show compassion to someone, to teach someone, to open a business, to level up your skillset. You waking up this morning is no coincidence.

9am on the clock. Coding sess begins ... May the Zen of Python be with me ....

2hrs blockchain
2hrs TDD
3+hrs ReactJs & Flask

Every single day that you take action towards your goal count. Stick with the process.


2hrs blockchain ... done
2hrs TDD ... done
3 hrs ReactJs & Flask ... done

project is next ...

4am checking in. Coding sess is up.


2hrs blockchain
2hrs TDD
3 hrs ReactJs & Flask
tech blog design

You're not your situation, you're the attitude with which you dealing with it.

2hrs blockchain ... done
2hrs TDD ... done
3hrs ReactJs & Flask ... done

close source project is next ...

4am checking in. Coding sess begins.

on the schedule:

2h blockchain
2h TDD
3h ReactJs & Flask

Always be thankful. If you're reading this that means you've got a device to read this on. Which means you didn't wake up cold, wet from restless night like so many people in the world did this morning. Work on your craft. Everything you have can be taken away with blink of an eye. Say thanks to your boss, client and/or to God.

1h blockchain ... done
1h TDD ... done
3h React & Flask ... done

4am checking in. Coding sess begins.

sess consists of:

1h blockchain
1h TDD
3h ReactJs & Flask
checking in to make a mark

my project isn't open source so you won't be able to see it in my GitLab.

2/2 Doesn’t matter what kind of project you’re working on. Feel free to join me and keep it going.
Unemployment is not a label. It’s a temporary status. And it’s not an excuse to stop improving
our mojo. Coding changes lives !

Choose your technologies. I’m choosing to improve at ReactJs, Python, TDD and learn to program
a blockchain.

Every day I’ll be making a mark here. Feel free to join me anyone.

1/2 I'm a strong believer that coding can change lives and give hope to people. Therefore I'm giving a shout out to all unemployed, struggling programmers to join me on coding marathon. Doesn't matter if you're male or female or you're coding in C#, C++, Python, Ruby or Go. Every day I get up at 4am to start my coding schedule. What it is that you want to get better at ? TDD ? BDD ? Blockchain ? Security ? Neural networks ? Django ? RoR ? Join me.

When you feel like quitting because life is just too much to take sometimes just say to yourself "Push one more day. Push one more day. Push one more day." There will be a breakthrough but some pain is inevitable. It is not to break you, it is to make you stronger for people you love. Because people you love need you to be strong for them.

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