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Would you welcome a comeback of Meizu 5 PRO with Ubuntu Touch preinstalled ?

Privacy-first mobile OS running on sleek and gorgeous looking Meizu 5 PRO.

Please vote.

I'm looking for IT-related job opportunity in London. I have extensive experience in web and app development. is my language.

I have:

developed multiple Flask apps
developed Android game
developed basic security system

Currently working towards OSCP certification.

Hit me back if you know about vacancy.

If you're going through trying times. Whether you lost your job, business or a person you love left you trust that hardships are there to propel us to better future. God never puts us through hard times if He didn't have a plan to make it worthwhile for you. If you lost something you cared a lot about, it's because God has confidence in you. You can overcome your testing ground. Trust the process.

God Bless ...

I'm on the market for a new Python role. I'm a dev with sales experience and interest in cyber security.

I'm based in London
this is my personal website:

Available immediately.

Today I'd like to encourage everyone to take a moment and to say thank you to the Lord Jesus Christ for all the blessings that have been coming your way. We're living in the world where we can't take anything for granted. People with Master's degrees are living on streets without a shelter. People who are qualified, reliable, experienced, hard working yet broke on the street. Very small percentage of them are on drugs. Wherever you're working today say thanks. It can be taken away anytime.

God bless Mastodon, and all the people who reads this ....

Only few hours left before time's up on the poll.

This is your last chance to make the dream turn into a reality and vote here to make stock of genuine Ubuntu Phones available.

Being spied on is a choice. By not voting you're making choice as well.

Rejection never defined one. Only attitude does. Facing rejection over and over ? Give it the right attitude. The more rejected you get, the more you push on that thing that makes you ... you. Until there's a breath in your lungs do it. Give it your all ... even if you don't make it you'll know you finished doing what makes you ... you. No regrets.

Attitude determines your future. Attitude is more than university degree. Attitude is more than other people's endorsements.

Tomorrow is the last day you can vote for phones to be available on stock.

Authentic Ubuntu packaging, phone, charger, Ubuntu Touch and peace of mind in one box.

And without spying !

Make a vote here to get your hands on one of those babies.

Tick ... tock ... tick ... tock ....

2 more days and privacy-protecting Ubuntu Touch on phones can be either our daily armor and driver or a device that will go out of reach.

Your vote will decide.

No other company have had so many privacy and data breaches like Google and Facebook. It's all over the Internet.

Ubuntu Phone supports Mastodon app out of the box and comes with security in mind.

Ladies & gents ... 2 more days before decision will be made.

We have the opportunity to bring Meizu 5 PRO, Sony Xperia X, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus and more with preinstalled gorgeous and privacy-minded Ubuntu Touch !

Enjoying laptop but haven't got genuine Ubuntu Phone ? Let's fix that !

Firstly, make a vote here

Androids should end up like the one on the picture for all the privacy breaches Google has made to this date.

To Ubuntu Phone privacy breach is a foreign term.

Vote here to make a difference in the world of digital privacy.

Tired of having Google always looking over your shoulder when searching for things or just browsing the Internet ?

Tired of forced updates that do more harm than good to your digital privacy ?

Make a vote here to bring privacy-minded genuine Ubuntu Phone to the market.

Your vote can change things. Repost it, boost it, all that jazz ...

3 days left ...

Comeback of Meizu 5 PRO (and others) running gorgeous and privacy-first Ubuntu Touch is on the table. With its own Ubuntu authentic box. No hacking needed as those phones are coming preinstalled.

Want one (or more ;D ) ? This is rather Ubuntu-exclusive. Only people on Mastodon and Ubuntu community on Reddit knows about.

Make a vote here to bring amazing phone to the market !

Let's get Ubuntu Touch on as many phones as possible !

If you're not having a bitter taste in your mouth while using your Android, you surely will after reading this article.

Want to make an impactful change ? Make a vote here

Google has been running this user-exploiting show for too long.

Want a cherry on top of a cake ?
Ubuntu Touch supports Mastodon app as well ;)

Still not convinced that Google is evil ?

How about this one:

"The sensors inside Android can monitor, understand and disclose your real-world movements, based on what’s happening to the phone itself.

It can tell, for instance, if you’re standing up, or if you’ve just lifted your phone off a desk, or if you’ve started walking."

Anything that you do with your Android is being sent to Google's datacenters !

Want to put end to this ? We too ! Make your vote here

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Using privacy tools on Android phone won't make much to protect your digital privacy if your phone is hooked on Google 24/7. Did you know that Google knows which apps you use the most on your Android ? When you start up your Android for the first time it asks you consent with Google's data policy by checking a box, otherwise it won't allow you to proceed. Google is running code within your phone in the background to study your usage.

Creeped out enough ?
Make a vote here

Want to make a difference in the world of ?

Make a vote to bring gorgeous Ubuntu Touch onto more devices. Meizu 5 PRO and Ubuntu Touch is completely Google-free hence no spying or data-mining. DuckDuckGo is the default search engine and also supports Mastodon app. What more to wish for ?

Ubuntu ecosystem on your phone is within your reach we only need your vote here

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