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Aww. The last Boumeries comic strip was posted on Monday.
I’ve been following the work of Samantha Leriche-Gione, aka Boum, for years, and it has been fun sharing these little snippets from her life.

I’m pleased to say that I managed to do a walk every day in January. And it has definitely helped me. Not only burning calories and getting my heart going, but improving my digestion and clearing my head. I’m now looking to do at least 30 minutes a day.

‘Brands turn a blind eye’: Confessions of a former agency exec on attribution scamming
Truly, there’s no honour among thieves.
(Of note, this was published on Digiday, which is on the side of the advertisers. And just part of a long series of confessional interviews…)

Whatever Happened to the Semantic Web?
Reading this article, and remembering some of the hoopla of the early 2000s, I see a lot of similarities between the Semantic Web and the IndieWeb. I just hope the IndieWeb doesn’t end up suffering the same fate.

The 10th Anniversary of the iPad: A Perspective from the Windows Team
Steve Sinovsky was in charge of the recently-launched Windows 7 at the time of the iPad’s debut, and he provides some great context on the thinking at that time in the PC industry, and Microsoft in particular.

Facebook Won’t Remove This Woman’s Butthole As a Business Page
Once again, Facebook is (currently) a law unto itself, and will only do the right thing when bad publicity forces its hand.

I’d had Avast’s free antivirus software installed on both mine and my mother’s Macs, but now that their data-collection and monetisation has been exposed, I’ve uninstalled it. I’m gonna stick with the built-in protections for now. Because I reckon Avast aren’t the only ones…

I Tried Listening to Podcasts at 3x and Broke My Brain
I tried listening to podcasts at 2x for a while, and while they were intelligible I eventually found that the words just weren’t registering with my brain, plus the vocal range of speakers got lost.

The Chocolate-Brewing Witches of Colonial Latin America

The Inquisition persecuted women who used cacao to entice lovers and spurn enemies.

As someone who knows the power of a chunk of dark chocolate, I can see why the Spanish feared it.

Mozilla bans Firefox extensions for executing remote code

Every time it looks as if Mozilla is getting on top of the problem of malicious or risky extensions, it finds itself having to step in to block another batch.

Moral: use fewer extensions, make sure they’re reputable.

Privacy and security concerns in Grammarly
Gary McGrath advices against using Grammarly’s browser extensions due to the company’s attitude towards security.
I’ve used it in the past, but gave up due to its unreliability.

I’ve updated my settings per Manton’s recent post. One nice side effect is that I get conversation streams showing up in the friends feed that I’ve got plugged into Inoreader.

Today, the Trident Era Ends
A history of the render engine behind Internet Explorer, and the various ‘innovations’ that Microsoft introduced back in the day, some more successful than others.

I Don’t Feel Interesting Enough
This post by Greg Morris really chimed with me. I’ve battled with imposter syndrome for years, decades even. It’s only in the last year or so that I’ve finally started to overcome it.

Ooh! I’d not realised that the desktop version of Hemingway Editor now supports publishing to WordPress. Hmm, I can see myself rejigging my blogging workflow as a result of this discovery…

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