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Many thanks to @rosemaryorchard for writing How to Automatically Clean Up Your Desktop With Hazel over at The Sweet Setup. My desktop is now looking a lot better. :)

I Can’t Stop Winning

Ten years of Pinboard still existing, and as a one-man endeavour too.

I pulled the trigger, and told Dropbox that I’ll be downgrading to a Basic account in December when my current Plus plan expires. 👎

For those wondering, I’m moving over to, where I’ll pay $49 for 500GB of storage, and all of the features I need for my workflow. 👍

Hmm, I think Dropbox may have realised a lot of folks aren’t happy with their price hike…

(Not cancelling just yet, as I still need to get an alternative workflow set up for my archiving and sharing needs.)

Going through my old DVD collection and ripping them using Handbrake on the Mac. Currently doing these guys. :) makes whistling noises

Evaluating some alternatives to Dropbox for personal use, after reading. Top 10 Best Dropbox Alternatives in 2019: Which Is The Most Secure?. Yes, iCloud Drive is going to get some more features with macOS Catalina and iOS/iPadOS 13, but that won’t be option until end of year.

Mozilla: No plans to enable DNS-over-HTTPS by default in the UK

But there’s nothing stopping users from enabling the DNS-over-HTTPS feature in Firefox on their own, though.

I suspect that ISPAUK, GCHQ will be having to read up on the ‘Streisand Effect’ shortly.

Jony Ive’s Fragmented Legacy: Unreliable, Unrepairable, Beautiful Gadgets

Nobody, to our knowledge, has gotten Ive to explain how gluing batteries into products is useful and respectful to the buyer. Ive only speaks with the media occasionally, in highly controlled settings.

For Better and Worse, We Live in Jony Ive’s World

So much quotable stuff in this article. Nikil Saval, writing for The New Yorker, doesn’t pull his punches.

56% of Tory members see Islam as a ‘threat to the British way of life’, according to Channel 4 poll | The Canary

Now you know why the Tories and the press constantly bang on about Labour’s ‘rampant’ anti-semitism (spoiler alert: not rampant, has gone down on Corbyn’s watch.)

Google Gmail purchase history can’t be deleted

I’m guessing they didn’t start doing this until after 2013, which is when I migrated my old Gmail stuff over to FastMail then nuked the former. Now I’m even more glad that I did so, and turned off as much tracking as I can.

UK ISP Association, spies, censorship organisation jointly condemn Mozilla for supporting secure DNS because it breaks UK internet censorship rules

They’re very cross indeed, and wagging their finger extra-hard at Mozilla. Possibly pearl necklaces being clutched, too.

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