So, Adobe Creative Cloud app updated today. I suspect it might be fully compatible with macOS Catalina. (Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Like a mentioned recently, Adobe suck hard at taking account of new OS releases.) But I see they’ve taken leaf out of Dropbox’s playbook. Sigh.

Hallelujah! The latest version of the Dropbox client for Mac now has an option to never show the Dock icon at startup.

Ironically, however, the Dock icon reappears when you go into Preferences to change that setting. 🤦‍♂️

I just discovered Ganbreeder. It’s free to play around with, once you sign up, but you have to subscribe in order to download more high-resolution versions of the images you create. (You have an allowance of 50 to start with.)

Hmm, I think Dropbox may have realised a lot of folks aren’t happy with their price hike…

(Not cancelling just yet, as I still need to get an alternative workflow set up for my archiving and sharing needs.)

Went out for pre-birthday meal today. My sister took this photo of me and my mum. 🍽☕️

I’ve rejigged my timed Keyboard Maestro macro to create a new daily journal entry in the morning, so it now opens Ulysses, creates a new sheet and types today’s date as a heading. (I have my Mac wake up at 6:30am.)

Sigh. I love the Readly app, but sadly there’s no decent way to share stuff I find there. This is the closest I can get to sharing with you an article from Readly. I had to search manually to find an online version.

I took this off my bookshelf the other day. I think I’ll read it again, just to see how much is still relevant today.

(I don’t generate much paperwork of my own nowadays, but I still get a lot sent to me.)

Well, at least Spotify have a sense of humour. I just cancelled my Spotify Premium subscription, and this is the playlist they presented me with.

That said, I think I’ll be sticking with Apple Music once my trial period ends.

Friday’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, Milky Way in Northern Spring.

As spring brought leaves to the trees and the galactic center to the northern night the photographer found it also gave frogs their voices, heard like a melody across the calm water.

Today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. Somewhere, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby are probably smiling, as science brings us images that once were only to be seen in the pages of the Marvel Comics that they had a hand in producing…

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