I’m giving SuperDuper a try-out as part of plans to bolster my backup regimen. (I already do regular backups to external drive via Time Machine, and online backups via Backblaze, plus my documents, photos and music are on iCloud.)

Yes, I’ve lost data in the past. Never again. shirt-pocket.com/SuperDuper/Su

Today, I was reminded once again that, as with all physical media, CDs and DVDs will fail to read sooner or later. (The disc in question wasn’t a huge loss, BTW, but disappointing nonetheless.) That’s doubly true for (re)writable discs.

We’re told that too much screen time hurts our kids. Where’s the evidence?

I can relate to this. It’s not the quantity of screen time, it’s the quality that matters. Case in point, for me time spent in Reeder or Micro.blog on my iPad is always well spent. theguardian.com/commentisfree/

The lesson from the ruins of Notre Dame: don’t rely on billionaires

It’s like the buying of indulgences from the Catholic Church in olden times, but without even the effort of exchanging cash. theguardian.com/commentisfree/

The Sad Truth About Sleep-Tracking Devices and Apps

I uses a sleep-tracking app for several years, and it was pleasant enough to wake up (much better to waking up to talk radio). But ultimately, the improvements came from action I took on other stuff, particularly blue LEDs. nytimes.com/2019/07/17/technol

Why The Appearance Of A One Terabyte microSD Card Means The War On Unauthorized Music Downloads Is (Almost) Over

Yeah, it’s hella expensive now, but that price will come down in time. And I can’t see how the major music labels can do anything about it, anyway. techdirt.com/articles/20190717

SAMBA versus SMB: Adversarial Interoperability is Judo for Network Effects

Some useful historical perspective. I remember the bad old days when Windows and Mac were like oil and water, unable to mix. Not fun. eff.org/deeplinks/2019/07/samb

Today, I took the first steps towards drafting myself a Will as well as a Living Will / Lasting Directive. A lot of details to nail down still. But it’s a start, and long overdue.

On resilience

Ralph Lavelle:

Use things the way they’re supposed to be used. Stop using HTML tables, which should of course only be used to present tabular data, to layout your pages. Use CSS instead. Of course, this hasn’t always been that easy, but it sure is now. ralphlavelle.net/2019/07/on-re

The local bird population that visits our garden are rather particularly when it comes to fatballs. ASDA? They ignore it and we had to throw them away when they got mouldy. But the ones from Wilco get demolished in under a week. (We coat them in chilli powder to deter squirrels.)

Popups: 10 Problematic Trends and Alternatives

I’ve encountered more than a few of these at various sites, as well as some apps. nngroup.com/articles/popups/

w00t, I’ve finished swapping my iMac’s system volume off the internal Fusion drive and onto my external SSD. I’ll be using the Fusion drive for data archiving. 🤓🖥📦

I proved that austerity destroys lives and all the government has done is try to discredit me

Deny. Distract. Attack the messenger. independent.co.uk/voices/auste

Hidden VPN Owners Unveiled: 97 VPNs Run by 23 Companies

A lot of detective work in this article. Needless to say, there’s a large number of VPNs operated out of China. Caveat emptor. vpnpro.com/blog/hidden-vpn-own

Urgh. Woke up at 4am, couldn’t get back to sleep. Today is going to be fun… >.<

Blogs that have no RSS feed make me shake my head in disbelief.

Someone asked me yesterday what my problem is with Google. Put simply, I’ve lost trust in them. Their ethics, their business decisions, their (limited) support. So I’ve gone elsewhere for most of my needs. And where I do still have to use Google services, not rely on them.

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