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The ice patterns on our roof (windows) were spectacular this morning. I'm sure the pictures would be more clear if I could take them from the outside.

How does it grow like that?! So beautiful 🌸

The End of Indie Web Browsers: You Can (Not) Compete
Samuel Maddock:

In 2017, the body responsible for standardizing web browser technologies, W3C, introduced Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)—thus bringing with it the end of competitive indie web browsers.
No longer is it possible ...

I got some text messages and emails over the last 24 hours to let me know that my direct debits have been changed over. So fingers crossed, that means that my bank switch is going without any hitches!

Belated happy 40th birthday, Usenet!
I first got access to Usenet around the end of 1989, via the Compulink Information eXchange (Cix) here in the UK, and used it on-and-off until the early 2000s.

What’s that all about?
Great piece by Richard Murphy on what motivates him to get up and start blogging first thing in the morning.

Today, I found a new circle of RSS Hell.
A site says it has an RSS feed, but the RSS feed is not discoverable from the page header. I had to copy the RSS feed address, paste it into Reeder… and be informed that the feed isn’t valid.
In $DEITY’s name, whyyy?????

The folks over at The History Of The Web turned their attention to the story of the Webbys recently. I’d forgotten how long ago that started. Some of the images from early award ceremonies are… interesting.

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"Global manipulation is out of control."

You know what would help? Privacy. The less that is known about you, the harder you are to target and manipulate.

Privacy online needs to be the default.

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"You are our God's Chosen One," the robed figures said.
"Er... Which god?"
The robed figures shuffled their feet and looked around.
"Our God is a minor water deity. Of the pond in the park."
"Oh. And the chosen one would?"
"Lead the Cleansing."
"Of rubbish. From the pond."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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"Okay children, where does water come from?"

In Unison: "Nestlé!"

"That's right. And who steals our water?"

In Unison: "The Fremen!"

"Very good, everyone gets an extra 2 ounces!"

Children "Yay!"


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