I reinstalled Sleep Cycle on my iPad last night, and used it to monitor my sleep pattern. As I suspected, it’s a lot more disturbed. I need to work out what’s causing this.

Testing posting to my main blog from the Micro.blog app on my iPad.

Trying out Mastonaut as my primary Mastodon client for a bit. I'm liking the multi-column view on my Mac, but I will probably leave it at just home timeline plus notifications for now.

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“The Layers Of The Web” by @adactio@twitter.com at #btconf btco.nf/2KntzJM

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People have been cyborgs for centuries. Incremental steps, at first revolutionary but soon normal. Glasses. Hearing aids. Pacemakers. Glucose monitors. Active prosthesis. Sensory damps. Wet/hard mems.
We're still human. Still?
[Self-doubt logged&suppressed]
That aside, all human.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories


Cory Doctorow’s latest piece for EFF uses the example of the evolution of Usenet to show how interoperability should work.

Boy, this brings back memories… eff.org/deeplinks/2019/11/alti

What The Hell Was The Microsoft Network?

I never got suckered into the original MSN, thank goodness. In hindsight, it was the worst time for it to appear.

Of course, Microsoft then tried to grab the Web using IE. And we all know how that worked out… codersnotes.com/notes/the-micr

I finally got off my ass and got started writing a will. I’m taking advantage of one of the free will-writing service offers. (The charity making the offer would like me to consider making a gift to them in my will, of course.)

New Tricks for an Old Z-Machine, Part 2: Hacking Deeper (or, Follies of Graham Nelson’s Youth)

A fascinating read about how the Inform text adventure programming system came about. filfre.net/2019/11/new-tricks-

Un-updatable apps | Riccardo Mori

I suspect this sort of issue is going to bite a lot more people over the coming years, particularly those with hand-me-down iDevices. My mum’s iPad Mini 2 is now stuck at iOS 12, but at least she has me to troubleshoot problems. morrick.me/archives/8608

I’m going to give Bear another go. I used it for a while a year or so back, but it didn’t quite fit with me.

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Russian Influence in Britain: What Johnson Doesn’t Want You to Know

And the Tories tried to smear Jeremy Corbyn as somehow being a Russian asset.

Once again, the true threat is the Conservative Party. bylinetimes.com/2019/11/09/rus

Doing some more decluttering today. I pulled out two official school photos. I can count on the fingers of both hands the number of people in either photo that I can still put a name to the face. I can’t see any point in keeping them.

I just bought myself a new graphic tablet - an XP-Pen G640. It was on special offer at Amazon.

Their support website sold me on it. They actually update their driver software regularly.

Will let you all know how I get on with it.

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